Sunday, 27 November 2011

Him and Her.

Sometimes I just wanna be the man in the relationship. I stand at the mirror and shave my tash, gel my hair and kiss my obediant wife goodbye as I got to my very important high powered job.

Tshirt- Edinburgh
Trousers - Loot clothing Brighton
Creepers- TUK
Cromby- Warehouse

This cromby was one of my Bday prezzies this year, it wasnt planned, my grandma told me to try it on and I fell in love and bought it there and then. what can I say, I've got a stylish Grandma.

Then sometimes I come home and put on my wife's clothes, she doesn't know I do this, but I do, it help me relax, I sit at her table and look at myslef in The mirror, I feel myself.

Bralet- charity shop
Skirt- River Island
Tights- Primark
Shoes- TUK
Jacket - BayTrading

Friday, 18 November 2011

GEEEK FEST (Batman Live and Drwho Experience )Part 1

Subtitile : The post in which I say 'Awesome' a million times, so if you are offended/scared by this word please divert to another post!
Me and my bro had major geek Birthdays this year (as always!) Early September we went to the O2 to see  Batman Live!! I wasn;t quite sure what to expect, although watching traliers and all that, was it a show? was it fight scences? And I have to be honest IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN ANYTHING I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE!

There was loads of little kiddies and adults dressed as batman which was proper cuuute, my whole family wore matching Batman tees, apart from me coz I'm a rebel.
Instead I wore a pinstriped shirt, bowtie (because bowties are cool) and leather trousers, kinda Penguin Inspired :)
The show though, just wowowowowow not only was the set awesome and the costumes were awesome and the actors were awesome and the music was awesome but they had pages of the comic flicking through each section to tell parts of the story on giant screens which was just aweeesome :)

yaknow, batman and robin departing from us, I didnt take many photos during the performance becuase well, I was enjoying the awesomeness!! :) My mama is excellent and got us amazing seats sitting right near the stage nearly head on, but tbh you would of had a good view from anywhere and they moved around alot and it was performed in the round rahter than on a set back stage :)

That day we left the car at O2 and after some Nandos we took the thames boat into central London to go to the MUseum of London :) Heres a few pics of the cool buildings by the O2 and some random stuff in the Museum!

 Everyone loves a carriage,
Alot of the buildings there are made with like jigsaw tiles on them, they were pretty awesome :)

Sculpture outside the Barbican, totally not supposed to get on it, but I did.

Anyway Keep tuned for Part two sooon!!

Blue mood...

I had blue hair from September to late October so here are a few pics for you, my neglected followers!!
I used Special Effects Blue and Pimpin Purple (at the back) and they were looovellly colours :)
I was sooo blue it was shocking, but I enjoyed having dark hair for a while although I did look a bit like Sonic without the gloves!!

BTW I'm loving feather earring atm , bought like 4 pairs in different colours ;)

tanktop -mens primark
skirt- primark
tights- primark (ok primark obv rules :) )
looovely platform leopard print furry glittery boots from my mama

And then the hair faded... I redyed it about 3 times in two months so it lasted well and the faded colour was pretty cool actually, people thought I had dyed it a new colour!!

I have a little bit left over so when I redye my hair this weekend (its currently dark pink and the same purple) I fancy a blue streak!

Check out my next post for Photos from BATMAN LIIIVE!!! and DRWho experience (yes major geek fest but your gonna laaave itt. (lave done purposely, so read it right peeps! )

Saturday, 12 November 2011

oh heey :)

I haven't been on here for such along time it's kinda creepy, like dinner you come back to and its gone cold and nothing tastes the same! it's not because I haven't wanted to be on here, of course I have!

It's just I've been so damn busy and yaknow what sometimes you need to give yourself a break from something to get the passion back, well here I am, the passions baaack!!

I wanna give you a bit of an update on me since last time,

I'm now on a Fine Art course :) which I'm loving  soo much :)

My hair colour has changed twice! ( I went to blue and purple and now I'm purple and dark pink :) but don't worry i have many photos :)

I've now turned one year older!! It was my 19th last month and I went to the Dr who exhibition in London, pictures to follow!

I've also been to the Beach of The Dead again this year and MCM Expo both with costumes, and a Zombie ball at Dickens world so maaaaaannnny photos from them!!! I'm gonna look forward to blabbing on about it to you guys!

AND  I'd just like to say how lovely it is to come back on here and see all the lovely comment that you guys have been leaving!!


Friday, 16 September 2011

Ola amigos!!

Hello!!! I have been gone for aaaages, (waaay too long!) with holiday, really bad illness, internet problems, computer problems buuuut enough about that I have loads to catch up on, loads to tell and loaads to show!!!
Firstly, I went for a week break away to Weymouth with my family, such a lovely break away, here are a few holiday out fits!!!

dress- H&M
Shirt- Mother
Boots- Doc martens
leggings- cheap shop
broach- brighton

T-shirt- Edinburgh gift shop :)
Skirt- H&M

Loving the bindis on holiday, even got my little cuz hooked on them :)

Shorts- H&M
Tank- H&M
Boots- Doc martens
Tights- Primark
Necklace- Asda

Tshirt- H&M kids
MY new belly dancing trousers!!!
Shoes- Peacocks

Dress- Jane Norman
Broach- Brighton

Now I'll leave you with those lovely feasts for your eyes and stay tuned for lost of posts sharpish!!!!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hair Raising ZOMBIES!!! Beach of the Dead 2010

Shave shave shave, its not unknown that I love shaved hair :) Recently took mine to a number 1, which I loved but had already grown out a little so I decided to have this 'hair graffiti' done in a local barbers, just walked past one day and thought, ooooh that looks pretty....

The awesome lady that did it usually does all those tribal patterns that boys have done, but although some she did was amazing, not really my style so I had this simple design done for £3!! BARGAIN!

Deffo have another done when it grows out, thinking some spiders hehe :) could even dye in some of the designs :)

On another note, I can now attend the MCM October Expo :) which is very exciting as its the weekend after Beach of the Dead :) = two weekends of dressing up in awesome costumes!!

I don't know if I've posted about Beach of The Dead before, which is strange seeing as it's one of the most exciting events of my year!!!

Basically it is an organised zombie parade flash mob which more than 1000 people take part in each year in Brighton in which the town centre from Train station to beach is whipped into a mayhem by role playing zombies of all ages and styles!!!

This will be my third year :) and have a special costume planned :)
Here's some pics of me from last year and the mayhem!

Is it suuuuuuuuuuch SUCH a fun event, everyone has a laugh and there are some truly original/hilarious/amazing and HORRIFIC costumes :)

And as you know I also dress up for MCM :) so this means I have two costumes create for my October exploits and I cant wait!!

For MCM I am going to become one of the Marvel worlds greatest sorcerers (prize to any fellow geek who knows who I am going to be ;) )
And for Beach of the Dead I am going to be a blood spewing, gut crawling zombie-fied version of a certain cute healthy eating character on children's TV ;)

Maybe I'll give you a few sneak peaks as the costumes come under way.....

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


A sneaky peek into my life.
(And a test to see if my gif works hahah!)

 Outfit from saturday, new camera :)

Pink dress- H&M
Black dress- Miss selfridges
Socks- Primark
Boots- Dr martens

Been to Bognor Regis for the day today, won 5 keyrings in the arcades (penny falls OBV) with only £2....
Had to stop...maybe have a slight gambling addiction, or maybe it was because 3 of those keyrings were Hello Kitty :/ hehe

May make them into jewellery, because you know, I don't have enough hellokitty paraphernalia for my body!